Ford Mainwaring Ltd part of Bowdon Group
We love what we do at Ford Mainwaring and we understand the importance of being actively involved within our wider community and the importance of adding social value where we can as a business. Ford Mainwaring, as a part of Bowdon Group Ltd, engage with charities and local schools in the North-west, invest heavily in apprentice programmes and actively encourage gender equality through STEM.
Ford Mainwaring are part of Bowdon Group Ltd. A group of engineering support services companies who have grown considerably in the past two years to an excess of £35Million. Now the group has reached a reasonable size, it has allowed us to implement further strategies to improve the social value we offer in our wider community.
Involvement in Charity events
One charity we have had involvement in as a group, is Young Enterprise A national charity formed with the aim to encourage entrepreneurial qualities within students and develop skills in the workplace.
Our involvement has been through sponsoring major events and award finals to giving support and mentoring to team members on a more detailed basis. Our CEO, Brian Benson, has also been on the judging panel of regional finals and has given advice to all schools that have attended these events. We try to give equal support to both privileged and less privileged schools and students to ensure we can be as fair as possible.
From the programme, students can ‘learn by doing’ in a more practical sense, instead of just learning from a textbook. The practical and ‘real life’ lessons are invaluable to young people at the early stages of their careers and those students who find that ‘what they love’ we feel quickly accelerate in their careers. In the plumbing and heating industry, we have found that the real learning happens after the textbook academic learning and when employees have overcome real life hurdles within the role. This is another reason why we invest heavily in the development of apprentices with the company.
Our CEO has also been involved with the ‘Meet Your Future – Speed Networking Event’. Greater Manchester is investing in its young people, to inspire and prepare them for the fast changing world of work. The GM Enterprise Adviser Network, delivered in partnership with The Careers and Enterprise Company, bridges the gap between education and employers. This again was to encourage the young people to explore the industry and the options available to them.
Encouragement of a gender equality in STEM.
We have seen that engineering as an industry has male gender bias and there is an increasing issue of a shortage of young females progressing in an engineering career. To try to overcome this problem, we have recently given an employee of Bowdon Group’s 16-year-old daughter, Eloise who is studying maths and science subjects with an interest in perusing engineering at university, continuous work experience within holidays when not studying. We have seen that this has been a refreshing and interesting experience for Eloise and now we have seen this has added value to her path, we want to multiply the number of opportunities given to similar students in order to encourage more gender equality.
As a group of companies who have significantly grown in recent years, we are now in a position to put a full CSR policy in place for 2020. We aim to continue working with local schools, colleges and charities as we have been but are also looking at more diverse strategies such as prisoner rehabilitation programmes through detailed work programmes and tailored job roles with the aim of getting them back into a better lifestyle and career path.
At Ford Mainwaring, as an individual company, we support several local charities such as Cancer Research, Douglas McMillan and The Donna Louise Trust. While supporting a local amateur boxing club where the son of one of our long serving engineers, competes.
The importance of investing in our Apprentices
Ford Mainwaring have invested in the apprenticeship scheme heavily and find this an extremely valuable opportunity for both the apprentice and the company. We have two apprentices in training at any given time. We also have an ongoing process of specific employee training and enhancing skills to encourage organic growth from within the business. This goes back to our point about our employees loving what they do in order for them to fulfil their potential.
At Ford Mainwaring we have several staff members with over 20 years’ service and 1 engineer with over 40 years’ service who originally started as a “fitters mate”. This we feel speaks volumes on how we train and value our staff within the company.
All of our staff at Ford Mainwaring live within a 10 mile radius of the main office and where possible our engineers share travelling to and from sites thus keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum. We also hold ISO 14000 and where possible look to engage with a supply chain that also hold this accreditation. We aim to engage with national supply chains that can offer multiple services or supplies from regional hubs again to reduce the environmental impact of our activities
Where possible we always offer energy efficient options to our clients during a capital scheme or general “end of life” equipment replacements.