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Our team put Corporate Responsibility at the centre of how the business operates.

We are working to build a self-sustaining, balanced business which is well-placed for long-term success. Our CSR ethos is built around our people, the local community and the future of the environment we all live in.


Our Vision

We have invested in the apprenticeship scheme heavily, this an extremely valuable opportunity for both the apprentice and the company. We have two apprentices in training at any given time. We also have an ongoing process of specific employee training and enhancing skills to encourage organic growth from within the business. We have several staff members with over 20 years’+ service and 1 engineer with over 40 years’ service who originally started as an apprentice themselves.

We work closely with local schools and training providers to ensure we offer opportunities to all.

Development & Wellbeing

The development of our people is crucial to ensure the continued growth of our business. We have a clear route for progression for those with the ambition to succeed, regardless of role or level.

Community Engagement

We understand the importance of being actively involved within our wider community and adding social value where we can as a business. We support local economies through the employment of local people, extra labour and suppliers wherever possible.

We are passionate about supporting local school, clubs and community activities, as part of a wider community engagement programme, we are actively involved in local fundraising and charity events and we also sponsor a local football club.

We have recently been involved with providing work experience for leavers from the Military and helping with their re-integration in to civilian employment. It has proven valuable for both the business and the individuals who have undertaken the scheme with us.

community engagement
young enterprise

Young Enterprise

One event we have heavily been involvement in as a team, is Young Enterprise, a national charity formed with the aim to encourage entrepreneurial qualities within students and develop skills in the workplace. Our involvement has been through sponsoring major events and award finals to giving support and mentoring to team members on a more detailed basis.

Environmental Sustainability

At Ford Mainwaring we seek to reduce our environmental impact by ensuring we minimise any waste sent to landfill. Our longer-term strategy is to send nil to landfill. We regularly monitor the energy usage of our offices and actively recycle office waste.

environmental sustainability

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